10 must-have apps for your 4G phone

With 4G on your phone, all the best apps just got better. With faster connection speeds and increased bandwidth, the quality and usability of many of the top apps has significantly improved. Here are 10 apps which are 4G musts.

1. Dropbox


Offering secure file sharing and storing, the Dropbox app lets you farm off files, photos, documents and videos to a remote server for anywhere access. 4G makes a real difference, enabling you to access files and perform tasks at super-quick speed.

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2. Vevo


Providing personalised and high quality content, Vevo lets you stream music videos on the go. Including a high quality mode which requires more bandwidth, the Vevo app really benefits from being 4G supported.

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3. Instagram


The world’s most popular photo sharing website at your fingertips, the Instagram app offers a range of filters and lens effects to create retro images. With a 4G connection you can enjoy much faster speeds, with pics uploading in a matter of seconds.

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4. Spotify


A digital audio service giving you access to millions of songs, the Spotify app let’s you enjoy your favourite tunes on the hop. On a 4G phone it excels, offering lag-free streaming. It also has a choice of settings for improved audio quality (160kbps and 320kbps) which 4G can access.

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5. Waze


A traffic and navigation app, Waze makes getting from A to B a social event. As well as having standard GPS functions, it lets you join groups, post messages and reroutes you based on traffic/accidents. 4G offers distinct advantages – such as quicker loading and response times.

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6. Hangouts


Bringing conversations to life, the Hangouts app lets you message, share photos, emoji and video call groups of up to 10 people. Easy and simple to use, all it requires is a Google account to get started. With a 4G connection, you can enjoy improved speed and quality across all its functions.

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7. Kindle app

Kindle app

Putting over a million books, plus a wide selection of popular magazines, at your fingertips, the Kindle app is a must for avid readers. On a 4G phone there’s improved usability with faster buying and download speeds. With the latest version you can even switch between text and narrative – again, much more fluid on 4G.

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8. Netflix


Enhancing the value of a Netflix subscription, the Netflix app offers online on-demand movie and TV streaming in your pocket. On a 4G device the quality is notable with minimal skipping and improved clarity. You can also take advantage of the upper limit of bandwidth to enjoy HD where available.

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9. Skype


Offering free face-to-face video calls wherever you are, the Skype app also enables you to send instant messages, photos and videos. As it involves live video streaming, it works much better on a faster 4G connection, with reduced pixilation and lag.

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10. Minecraft


Named the top selling app of the year in 2013, Minecraft involves placing blocks and going on adventures. The Pocket Edition includes survival and creative modes and offers infinite worlds, caves, mobs and more. 4G excels in supporting its rich graphics, and multiplayer online function.

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On a 4G phone these fun and useful apps excel. Just ensure you have the right plan in place so you’re not caught out with high data usage – there are some great 4G data plans on the market at the moment.

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