5 London Life Hacks for Students

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Study Smart

Productivity is the bane of studying, and doing so at home is littered with disastrous distractions. Luckily the Royal Festival Hall, the British Library and the Barbican all offer free facilities including Wi-Fi and power sockets far removed from games consoles and sitcom re-runs. Whether you’re genuinely working or just rewording your slightly embellished work placement experience on LinkedIn, you’re going to be more productive than if you were sat in your home-wear-only clothes watching season 10 of friends (again).

Get an app to get you around

You will get lost, embrace it. Whether you’ve lived in London all your life or have just taken your first steps off the train at Kings Cross, at some point you’re going to find yourself bereft of a nightbus in the middle of nowhere: Citymapper to the rescue. By programing in your home and work address in advance, one touch of a button will deliver to you the fastest routes across all modes of transport. It really is so simple that an extremely intoxicated individual could use it (not that this would apply of course it’s just a point of reference, honest).

Get a taste of culture for free

You told yourself that once you were a student you’d spend time in museums, galleries and theatres and generally become a more cultured person overnight. Whether you succeeded or not (and don’t worry we won’t judge) a free entrance, free drinks and a sense of exclusivity might be a manageable step in the right direction. Simply head on down to Vyner Street in Hackney on the first Thursday of the month and/or Eastcastle Street in Fitzrovia on the last Thursday of the month for late night gallery openings. The free drinks should help ease the transition.

Rally against rail extortion

Save money on excursions beyond the mystical barrier known as the M25 by using your travel card to get to the edge of London and starting your train journey from there. It might not be a huge saving, but the satisfaction of rebellion is well worth it.

Outlet your way to snappy outfits

After you’ve sold your own grandmother to pay off your landlord and their unbridled rental expectations, replacing your only pair of serviceable trainers can seem out of reach, never mind an acceptable interview outfit. That might not necessarily be the case though, with a range of otherwise expensive brands offering huge discounts courtesy of their outlets. For a suit that’ll make you look like you’ve stepped out of an advert for Mad Men, check out the Moss Bros online outlet, where 80% savings are pretty common. If you’re in the know, fashion brands like Hackett also have sample sales where you can pick up exclusive unreleased items for next to nothing!


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