10 of the Top Student Apps We Couldn’t Do Without – Part 1

Monday, December 7, 2015

The evolution of application technology has revolutionised the way in which we communicate, but that’s not all. Be it Apple or Android, the app has come to change the face of everything from entertainment to navigation, and not least the way we study. With that in mind here is a handful of our top picks for essential student apps.

Microsoft starter

The full Microsoft Office package, even with its student discount, is a colossal hit to an already depleted wallet, and from personal experience I beseech you not to learn the way I did that Notepad and WordPad both lack any sort of archive function. If you’re laptop dies, there’s no way back. Luckily Microsoft has a free equivalent in the form of Microsoft Starter. Admittedly it has reduced function interface and a slightly annoying still advert but at the end of the day you’re getting Word and all its friends free of charge!


Moving away from loved ones requires a video calling app, it keeps family happy and gives you a lifeline that you might just find yourself in need of once or twice. Well here at Lycamobile we’re more than happy to oblige courtesy of our brand new video calling app Lycachat. Free HD video calls with the added bonus of rock bottom international rates to landlines and mobiles make this app well worth checking out.

Just Eat

Ok, I admit that this isn’t the most economical of the apps on the list, but frankly when you’re in the middle of a deadline busting essay it’s more satisfying than resorting to the out-of-date pot noodle that you were saving for a special occasion. Despite those budgets you had all the best intentions of keeping, convenience will trump conscience more often than you’d like to admit.


Albeit it not quite as free-user friendly as it may have once been, Spotify is worth the hassle of interrupting adverts for the sheer volume of its back catalogue. Dare I say it, that if you could handle one less vodka cranberry this month it might even be worth footing the bill and going premium, if only for the offline and mobile capabilities. As an added bonus, Spotify is currently offering the first 3 months at $0.99 so if you’re looking to test it out, now’s the time.


Your advert free alternative to regular Spotify is none other than SoundCloud. If chirpy sales-orientated interruptions drive you crazy, or you’re building a playlist for a party (I can’t think of a better party mood kill than an advert) then this might be a better fit. A lot of the biggest names have made their way across and the ability to record could be a key lecture revision tool.


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