10 of the Top Student Apps We Couldn’t Do Without – Part 2

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Whether you’re taking a gap year in Peru, studying in Paris or just particularly conscious that your CV might make you seem uncultured with just a GCSE in French under the languages tab, picking up a second language is a whole lot easier with the DuoLingo app.

Free of charge and able to compete with the best of the premium language tools out there, learning a language just became kinder to your student loan.


Digital organisation with tags, shareable notebooks and voice recorded notes. This one’s a no brainer and if you didn’t know about it already you’re friends are holding back on you.


Academic references can be a nightmare. Three weeks after you first made a note of the quote and you’ve already returned the book to the library and forgotten to write down the page or the publisher, and that’s long before you battle over which part is supposed to be italicised. Stress no more, the EasyBib app brings calm to the chaos by providing you with the complete reference in whichever style you select, simply by scanning the barcode or typing the title of the book: A true deadline day lifesaver.

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

I don’t know of a phone that lacks a built in alarm, but sometimes they just seem committed to making sure I wake up and stay up. The Alarmy app is on the same team as the version you from the night before, the version of you that wanted to make that 9am lecture. This alarm requires that you complete tasks like taking a certain photo or vigorously shaking the phone before it’ll stop ringing. You’ll hate it at the time, but you’ll love it come graduation.

Circle of Six

To add a safety-minded app might not seem like much fun, but at some point or another you will lose one of your friends on a night out and a mad rush to find them will ensue. In most cases they snuck off home to avoid anyone realising that they either don’t want to spend any more money or have drank too much, but that mad rush is because you know it could also be one of anything else. The Circle of Six app allows a group of friends to sync up so that anyone can send an instant call for help at the touch of a button, with the GPS tracker kicking in to mark your location on your friends’ devices. You might just have locked yourself in the bathroom, but it’s a big world and there’s no harm in knowing you’ve got your friends backs. 


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