5 tips protect your mobile phone from thieves

Friday, March 18, 2016


Certain unscrupulous individuals wouldn't think twice about stealing your phone if they had half a chance. Not only would you need to replace it, but you could also end up as a victim of identity theft. A thief could also access your Wi-Fi, email, social media accounts and other phone features, which may add extra charges to your phone bill. This article will cover five things you can do to protect your phone from theft or from unauthorised use if stolen.

1. Keep it concealed

If you leave your phone on show, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to opportunity. It takes less than a second for a thief to strike, so keep your phone out of sight and be aware of your surroundings.

2. Know your phone details

Make a separate record of your phone make and model, your number, your service provider's contact information, IMEI or MEID number and security lock number. If your phone is stolen, report it to your provider straight away, as well as the police.

3. Back up to the cloud

If you're worried about losing important data, back up your phone regularly to an online secure archive, such as iCloud, OneDrive or GoogleDrive.

4. Install anti phone theft software

There are a variety of apps available now which will allow you to control your phone remotely and include a GPS tracker and the ability to lock the thief out of certain features, like making calls or accessing your Wi-Fi.

5. Other considerations

- Write your post code on to your handset and the battery using an ultraviolet pen. - Don't forget to use your phone's security lock feature. - Never save passwords. - Remember to log out. - Insure your handset against theft.

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