Battery saving tips for your smartphone

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

battery saving tips

You take out your phone to text a friend, only to find that the battery is low and there isn't a charger in sight. Annoying, isn't it? But with these few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your battery charge without affecting your phone usage.

The biggest drainer of battery power is the display. It's bright and attractive, but it's a power killer. Your phone probably already auto-adjusts to the surrounding light, but you can also set the screen brightness yourself, preferably to a setting as low as you are comfortable with. While you're in settings, reduce your screen timeout setting to 30 seconds. These two steps alone can save valuable energy for the things that really matter. Save even more by using a ringtone (which just uses enough power to vibrate a speaker membrane) instead of vibrate (which needs a powered motor to vibrate the handset).

Bluetooth is a great battery drainer, too, so turn it off unless you are using it. The same is true of GPS and location services, so revoke the access of your apps to these services. Turning off Wi-Fi except when you need a particular data service within range of your own device also saves precious battery life.

Apps are clever little multi-taskers, but leaving them all running simultaneously is a great way to consume power needlessly. Kill any apps you aren't using in order to reduce the workload of your CPU, and therefore its power consumption. And while notifications can be handy, many are just a distraction, so turn off any that aren't essential. Continuously lighting up your message display is a needless waste. For the same reason, adjust your email so that it doesn't continuously download.

Finally, find your phone's power saving features and use them. These are just a few simple steps to help you enjoy a longer smartphone battery life apart from saving up by buying local gsm SIM card from Lycamobile and opting for ultra-low cost bundles


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