Call mum 45 times a month

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

UK plan L

When was the last time you called your mum? In today's highly technological world you may expect that we have radically changed how we communicate with our family, but it seems not. Research carried out by OnePoll suggests that the most common way we communicate is still by calling home.

The average is that we do it about once a week and the research suggests that the average length of the weekly call home is 22 minutes - for stats fans on our UK Plan L, your 1000 national minutes translates to just over 45 times a month (but for most of us that is a little much)!

What is also interesting is when people call home. What is also interesting is when people call home. When we were landline-bound, Sunday evening between 5 and 6pm was the established time, and while some of us have stuck to this routine the research discovered that the change in the technology we use has also moved the time we call. No longer tied to one part of the house - or indeed to being in the house at all - calling from a mobile has become the new norm and believe it or not, the most popular time to call mum is now on a Monday evening. As it seems the new designated time is 7pm, and it makes sense - you are home from work but evening activities (OK, the good TV shows) are yet to begin. And while many of us will claim they speak for longer, it turns out that the majority of us will be done by half past seven when that kitchen timer goes off and it's time to eat dinner.

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