Father's Day for expat dads

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Everyone has a unique reason to celebrate their dad on Father's Day, especially if you live overseas. As Father's Day approaches, here is some advice from other expat dads about how to get the most out of your experience.

Time with your children is more important than your job - always. However exciting your work is, don't let it take over. Always have time your kids know is just for them. Talk to them about your expat life, and listen to their thoughts.

Build memories by going on adventures together, eating local food, travelling on local transport, or enjoying activities you could never try at home. Struggle, laugh and learn the local language together, and never be afraid to discuss the pros and cons of your expat and home cultures. There will be negatives, but approaching expat life as an adventure will ensure that your kids get the most out of the experience.

Always be available to listen, whether it's about problems with a very different school culture, or joys of new friendships. Listening dads build relationships that last through life. Teach your children how to meet problems with patience and persistence, and how to work out solutions. Be creative about the gaps in their expat life, like where to find a sports coach or how to house the family bunny.

Living abroad calls on skills of resilience and courage that your children might never discover at home. Take time to get to know each of your kids as individuals, and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to use their unique gifts in their expat life. In return, you will not only raise kids who can think outside of the box, but you will build an enduring relationship.

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