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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We get asked a lot about Micro and Nano SIMs, so here’s a breakdown of just what they are, why you’d need one over the other and how, with Lycamobile to switch from one to the other.

What is a Micro vs. Nano SIM?

As of today there are currently three different sizes of SIM card, with each fitting a different handset. These are the Standard larger, Micro medium and Nano smaller SIMs respectively. As technology has progressed, newer handsets have favoured ever smaller cards and as such, newer models have sequentially adopted first the Micro and then the Nano SIM. If you purchase a new handset that does not come with its own SIM card, make sure to take note of which size you’ll need so as to be ready to get started as soon as it arrives.

At approximately 2.5 by 1.5 centimetres in length and breadth, the Standard SIM is still by far the most widely used but is predominantly found in phones that predate the smart phone era.

At roughly half the size of its predecessor, the Micro SIM was first used in the iPhone 4 and has since been rolled out to a range of other phones thereon.

A further 40% smaller than even the Micro SIM, the Nano SIM is used in some of the newest handsets available.

Which handsets require a Nano SIM?

The Nano SIM has principally been championed by Apple and as such if you’re using an iPhone 5 and upwards or the cellular enabled iPad then you’ll be in the market for this smallest of SIMs. Apple isn’t entirely alone however and a selection of Android devices such as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Alpha make Nano the standard, while some devices including Oppo N3 even provide both Micro and Nano capability. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer regarding a specific handset to be completely sure.

How do I switch from a Standard or Micro SIM to a Nano SIM and keep my current number?

If you already have a Lycamobile Nano SIM then a quick call to customer services will allow them to transfer your previous number to your new SIM card. If you don’t then simply order a free Nano SIM online and then make the same call to customer services as explained above. They’ll know exactly what to do and will make the process seamless and hassle free.

In both cases customers can email cs@lycamobile.co.uk as an alternate method of contacting our dedicated customer service team.


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