Our Top 5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lycamobile New Year

Reduce Stress

To most of us manageable stress has become something that we accept as a part and parcel of our everyday lives, but judging how much pressure is healthy is a tricky task, especially if it builds up slowly over time; before you know it you’re juggling a few too many balls and need a break.

Stress is linked directly to a whole host of afflictions, from insomnia and depression to obesity and heart disease, but it isn’t just specific ailments that stress causes or encourages. Research into stress and its effects on the body have found that high-stress professions such as nurses and stock brokers have a significantly slower recovery period from things as simple as a paper cut. When stress builds up, your body slows down, so take a break when you need one and take steps to understand and manage your work / life balance.

Get Fit

Right up there at the top of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is the ‘get fit, lose weight, dream body’ category. Unfortunately the sheer number of gym cards lost to the back of wallets and bottom of handbags denotes that it also sits pretty near the top of resolutions that don’t make it as far as February. The road to the dream body is strewn with unused gym cards.

Whilst a positive body image is healthy, to give you a boost worthy of carrying you well into the new year, consider not just the better looking you but also the healthier, happier and more in control you.

It has long since been known that regular physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and stokes but thanks to modern research we now also know that such exercise has a genuine positive effect on our mental health. Doctors now confirm that the likelihood of developing conditions like depression and its symptoms can be significantly reduced by regular exercise.

Get that feel good feeling from regular exercise and embrace a healthier you.

Ditch Smoking and Cut Down on Drinking

Sitting at the top of both of the same lists as getting fit, cutting down or cutting out cigarettes and alcohol is something that a great many people struggle with despite knowing full well the damage to our health that they do.

Remember the old cliche: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Well the key to picking up from where you left off and succeeding where you might previously have slipped up is in trying something new. The shelves are stacked full of different cigarette quitting aids and what worked for your friend might well not work for you, so try a few different things and find something that suits you.

Stay Connected

It can be all too easy to let a good friendship go untended when other commitments get in the way, but although a bit of you-time can be a productive and rejuvenating experience, research indicates that individuals with multiple strong social bonds to friends and family actually live longer. It’s worth noting that studies as recent as 2010 have even suggested that a lack of social ties may be as unhealthy as obesity.

So take the time to pick up your phone and make a call to loved ones, it’ll not only improve your life, it might just save it!


As simple as it sounds getting enough sleep can be the difference between a productive day with a perpetual smile strewn across your face and the never-ending drudgery of a day at work with a clock that appears to have stopped each time you look at it. But in truth it’s much more than that: Missing out on precious hours of beauty sleep has been directly linked to increased risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes, as well as reducing memory capability and increasing stress.

Make time for you with a good night’s rest and hit tomorrow running.

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