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Monday, May 9, 2016


Whether you're travelling abroad for business, pleasure or family reasons, it's important to make sure your mobile phone is ready to work wherever you go, without springing any surprises on you. With this checklist, you can be certain that you're all set up for roaming, and that you understand your phone charges.

Make sure your phone is suitable

Before you do anything else, check whether or not your phone is able to work in the country you're visiting. Mobiles work on different “frequency bands” depending on where in the world they are, and not all phones can work everywhere. This is becoming less of a problem with modern phones, as they support more bands than older phones, but its always best to check with your phone manufacturer that you won't run into problems where you're going.

Don't forget about charging

Remember that different countries have different types of plug socket, so, as with any devices that need to be plugged in, check whether you'll need an adapter for your phone's charging lead. And make sure you don't forget to pack your charger at all!

Check your phone is set up for data

If you'll need to use data on your phone when you're overseas, make sure the option is switched on in your settings. It's often set to off by default to stop you using it accidentally. Bear in mind that it might cost you more than usual, so consider blocking non-essential apps from using data.

Find out what it will cost you

Using your phone abroad can often attract extra roaming charges for making and receiving calls, sending texts and using data. Finding out exactly what you'll be charged before you go helps to avoid unpleasant shocks. Lycamobile's great deal lets you use your phone abroad in 18 different countries with no roaming charges! Find out how.


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