Studying for Free (or less)

Friday, December 4, 2015


Make Your Budget Go Further

With university fees across the UK spiralling, the opportunity to save a potential £30,000 by studying for free is one that seems unrealistically favourable. So what if we were to tell you that the world’s top universities offer a range of courses completely free of charge online? Whether it’s Machine Learning at Stanford University, Roman Architecture at Yale University, or an Introduction to Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, accredited courses from the elite academic institutions around the globe are completely within reach.

Generally categorised as being either a fixed pace or self-designated pace course, a simple Google search will quickly return a list of websites acting as an intermediary between these institutions with ‘Coursera’ currently the most popular.

For a great many people a full time university course is not only too expensive, but also too significant an investment of time. Many people are already in full time employment or one of a plethora of other commitments that make university study seem out of reach. These short courses offer industry accredited qualifications from top institutions that make studying manageable and achievable.

Making Study Pay

If you have your heart set on a full time degree but can’t stomach the sight of the fees then perhaps making study pay is for you. A vast array of scholarships exist not all of which are targeted purely at academic excellence, so it’s well worth taking the time to check out your options and apply where possible. Individual institutions generally offer their own list of specific bursaries, grants and scholarships, including options that apply to international students as well.

Biting the Bullet

If you’re mainstream to the core and opt for the most common route to academic grandeur courtesy of a student loan, then saving money on things like your phone bill (especially if you plan on moving away) will inevitably become important. Not only does Lycamobile understand this, it has also acted on it, with a dedicated page of student centric offers to provide you with everything you might need as a budding student while also helping you to manage your budget. Whether you’re a national or international student, part time or full time, Lycamobile is option that keeps your wallet happy and stretches out that student loan a little further.

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