How much data do you need?

Thursday, May 19, 2016


In this day and age, it's almost impossible to leave the house without seeing countless examples of people using technology, whether that be laptops, music players, or smartphones. Our lives go hand in hand with our interaction with the world wide web, and this begs a question: how much does it all cost?

There are a few data plans to consider when choosing the one that best suits you but, first of all, it's best to determine what kind of activity is actually going to use up that all important data. The most intensive usage is the downloading or streaming of music and videos. Basic usage of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram isn't going to drive much of a dent into your data stores, nor is browsing the internet, or checking your emails.

Having identified the key causes of what is most likely to devour your data, it's important to identify how much you think you'll be using. Data plans come in lots of sizes, with plans ranging from a lowly 100MB of data, to a whopping 5GB and more. To lend a sense of scale to the process of deciding how much you'll need, it's prudent to keep in mind that if you spent an hour every day browsing the web, you'll use up 23MB of data. In a month, that equates to using 700MB. With that said, streaming videos on Youtube for an hour uses up 1GB.

If you realise you're a data heavy user, there are safeguards that you can take. Using Wi-Fi whenever you can will help immensely, along with turning off data roaming while abroad. If calling abroad proves to be a must-have, it would be ideal to buy an international data SIM card. We offer several bundles, along with no roaming charges in 18 destinations overseas.


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