UK Plan XL

Friday, April 8, 2016

Big talker? Big texter? Always online? Lycamobile’s UK Plan XL is exactly what you need. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with what UK Plan XL gives you for the amazing price of £15 per month. With some networks charging triple this amount for the same services, you won’t be sorry you signed up with Lycamobile.

Those who make a lot of calls love Lycamobile’s UK Plan XL, because on this plan, we give you unlimited minutes to other Lycamobile users. Is your friend or contact not on Lycamobile’s network yet? Don’t worry, because we give you 1000 minutes to talk to whoever you want within your home country. That’s more than 16 hours of talking for free!

Let’s talk about texts. With unlimited national texts, you can write as much as you like without worrying about hitting a limit. Even better, if the person you want to text has a Lyca Mobile number too, you can text them as much as you like – for free! Even more reasons to get your friends and family to come over to Lycamobile.

If you go online a lot, UK Plan XL is just what you need. 6 GB of data is included as standard. It’s 4G data as well, so the fastest mobile downloads you can get, giving you what you want quickly. Not sure what 6 GB gets you? It’s about enough to download 2000 songs, or watch 200 YouTube videos. If you’re just browsing, reading your email and checking your social media, you’ll find 6 GB is more than enough to keep you going each month.

You’ll have to work pretty hard to get through Lycamobile’s generous allowances with UK Plan XL. If you’re up for the challenge, why not come over and join us? Find out more at


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