Lycamobile Saver Plan
Get great savings when calling international numbers
Lycamobile Saver Plan
Get great savings when making international calls with the Lycamobile Saver Plan. Calls are from just 1p/min to your favourite international destinations.
Countries Landline Mobile
Afghanistan 9p 19p
Albania 5p 25p
Algeria 12p 29p
Angola 12p 16p
Anguilla 15p 25p
Argentina 1p 9p
Azerbaijan 19p 27p
Bahamas 12p 19p
Bahrain 5p 12p
Bangladesh 1p 7p
Barbados 12p 19p
Belarus 24p 29p
Belize 26p 26p
Bermuda 9p 9p
Botswana 15p 22p
Brazil 6p 29p
To get this tariff:
Simply text "SAVER IN" to 3535
1. Opt – in: Customers must opt-in by texting SAVER IN to 3535 free of charge.
2. Wait for the confirmation: We will send you a message to confirm the Saver Plan opt-in status.
3. Enjoy great savings!
Why you should have a Saver Plan:
  • No expiry for the minutes - unlike bundles, there is no limit on the number of minutes and there's no expiry
  • Pay as you call - You will pay only for the minutes you speak
  • No contract, no commitment - no binding contract
  • Easy opt-in and opt-out option &a
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