Open up a bigger world with 4G

If you need a phone for whatever the future has in store, Lycamobile 4G is the only way to go. Our new 4G service in the UK is designed specifically to handle the demands of mobile internet, providing faster, dependable mobile connectivity in a world where data usage is rising by 250% a year.

Why do I need 4G?

The key transformation between 3G and 4G is the vast improvement in both speed and power on offer. It's like upgrading to broadband, but for mobile! This means Lycamobile users can do things that wouldn't be possible with normal 3G signal.

4G is ideally suited to those using services which demand more capacity, such as downloading films, video streaming, mapping and using social networking sites.

For the typical Lycamobile user, download speeds on 4G could be around 5-7 times quicker than existing 3G. This means a film that takes 20 minutes to download on a 3G phone will take just 3 minutes on 4G.

How can I get 4G?

You will need to enable 4G in your settings menu in your handset. There will be no need to change your SIM card and existing customers will be able to use the same one for 4G usage.

Making the jump to 4G has never been easier or cheaper. If you're on another network then don't worry; it's never been easier to make the switch to Lycamobile. You can even keep your current phone number. Feel the benefit of a better mobile service with Lycamobile.

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