• free roaming
    No Roaming charges
    when you use your Lycamobile abroad in 18 destinations

No roaming charges when you use your Lycamobile
abroad in 18 destinations

Roaming SIM Card

How it works:

Lycamobile is offering zero roaming charges when travelling to any one of a staggering 18 countries around the world. Applicable to both new and existing customers, this offer removes roaming charges in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Hong Kong, Romania and the USA.

*Bundles you can roam with:

  • £35
    /30 Days
    EU Plus
    • Unlimited National Text
  • £10
    /30 Days
    UK Plan M
    • 500National Mins
    • Unlimited National Text
    • 1GB National Data
  • £12
    /30 Days
    UK Plan L
    • 1000National Mins
    • UnlimitedNational Text
    • 2 GB + 1 GB Bonus National Data
*The no roaming charges promotion does not apply to data for the above bundles except the EU Plus where data is included. Customers will need to buy a special data bundle add-on for all other roaming bundles. The promotion is limited to 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 100 Lycamobile to Lycamobile minutes per bundle while roaming. Anything over those amounts will be charged at standard rates.
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  What should I do if the service is not active?
  Are there any additional charges in getting this service?
  Can I use my call/text allowances in the 18 countries?
  Can I use my data allowance in the 18 countries? If not how will I be charged?
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