Stay safe, stay connected

We’ve worked closely with several government departments to provide support to members
of the community that need it most across the country during lockdown


We are here to support our customers and their families

Adjusting to the new normal has been a challenge, and at Lycamobile we’ve have been truly inspired by our customers’ perseverance. We understand just how important staying connected to friends, families, colleagues, and wider support systems has been for everyone. As a telecoms business, we are fortunate, and proud to have been able to bring people together at this time.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve launched several initiatives that have a common goal – keeping people connected no matter their situation.

Home Schooling Program

Partnering with the Welsh Government and the Department for Education

As the new lockdown restrictions have closed schools, families have been forced to home-school and take learning online. We understand that for some families, accessing online resources can be a serious challenge. That’s why we have joined the Welsh Government & the Department for Education’s Get Help with Technology Scheme to provide free data to those families who need it most

We’ve been inspired by the efforts of parents, children, and teachers and this is our way of saying thank you and showing support to families across the country.


20GB extra data, every month

Starting from February and running through to the end of the school year, eligible families on our network can apply for 20GB of free data per month through the Department for Education website. Once approved, we will text you, and the data will be automatically added to your balance at no extra cost – it’s as simple as that!

  • 1. This offer gives eligible Lycamobile PAYG bundle customers a boost of their existing plan data allowance by adding 20GB
    until 31st July 2021.
  • 2. This offer only applies to Eligible Customers. All of the criteria below must be fulfilled in order to qualify as an Eligible Customer:
    • I. An existing PAYG Lycamobile customer who has had credit and has made and received calls using a Lycamobile SIM card for 3 months preceding activation of this offer; and
    • II. A customer who has activated a £10, £15 or £20 bundle which includes data immediately prior to activating this offer and for each month until 31 July 2021; and
    • III. Be identified by your school, college, local authority or other bodies via the relevant government or school portal as eligible.
  • 3. Eligible Customers will receive 20GB of data on top of their bundle allowance, each month until 31 July 2021.
  • 4. The Eligible Customer will need to have an active £10, £15 or £20 bundle with data each month in order to receive the data increase each month. If the qualifying bundle expires, Lycamobile will not provide additional mobile data.
  • 5. This offer is available to customers who are identified by their schools, colleges, local authorities or other bodies as being eligible to participate in this offer. We are not able to get involved in discussions with individuals about eligibility. It is only for customers with children under 19 in education who do not have access to broadband and are unable to buy the extra mobile data needed for education.
  • 6. Schools, local authorities and other bodies need to apply via a government portal for the offer on behalf of the Eligible Customer. Customers cannot apply for this offer with Lycamobile.
  • 7. Once an application is submitted via the government portal by the school, college, local authority or other relevant body, we will add the 20GB data to the account within 7 days. We will let customers know by SMS the data has been added.
  • 8. The offer is not transferrable and can only be claimed once per person.
  • 9. Customers already on an unlimited data plan are not eligible for this offer in any of the form.
  • 10. If you change your plan before 31st July 2021, the extra data will still remain on your account until that date. If you move to an unlimited data plan you will not be eligible for this offer and the 20GB extra data allowance will not be applied. No credit or discount will be granted in lie of this offer.
  • 11. Standard roaming terms and conditions apply.
  • 12. Data is for personal, non-commercial use only and our standard terms apply.
  • 13. Lycamobile standard Terms and Conditions apply.

We’ve joined the BBC campaign
to support home schooling

To ensure that no family is left behind, we are donating SIM cards with 20GB of free data to families across England, Wales, and Scotland as part of a campaign led by the BBC. The SIM cards donations have been facilitated by Business2Schools, a charity which repurposes office equipment for schools, to eligible families that need them most, ensuring that kids can continue their education.


Big thank you to all NHS heroes


NHS employees offer

We’re all incredibly proud of our amazing NHS frontline workers and their heroic effort throughout this pandemic. Last year we partnered with the Government to keep NHS workers connected with their loved ones wherever they may be. Staff were able to access our incredible Unlimited Bundle with unlimited international calls for free, followed by an ongoing 20% discount.

Now that we’re entering a new phase of lockdown, we know that frontline workers continue to face these challenges. With this in mind, we are proud to continue to support them by extending our offers.