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Cheap international calls

How to make cheap international calls from your mobile

Calling home or using international minutes to keep in touch with friends around the world isn’t cheap. International calling can add a huge extra fee to your monthly bill. Find out how to make international calls without racking up a huge bill, and discover Lyca Mobile.

We use Pay As You Go SIM cards with our international calling plans. That means you’re not locked into a contract, but still get great value for 30 days. There’s no long-term commitment while you enjoy our cheapest international calling rates. Cheap overseas calls are just one of the things we do best, and you can get started from as little as £10 a month.

International call rates

Lyca Mobile’s international call rates are some of the best around, giving you access to cheap international calls either as a monthly international calling plan or per-minute rates on Pay As You Go.

Our 30-day plans give you fantastic value for a low price, and calls and texts to other UK Lyca Mobile numbers are totally FREE. Choose from unlimited international minutes and up to 10GB data alongside your minutes. There’s something to suit everyone, whether you need unlimited UK minutes, special rates for a specific country, some of the cheapest international calls on mobile or our great-value Student Pass plan.

Don’t want a monthly plan? Make all the international calls you need with low-cost Pay As You Go. You can make cheap international calls to countries all over the world including India, Bangladesh and Australia, all for as little as 1p a minute to a landline number.

If you’re not using a mobile plan, you can also opt in to our Saver International Rates. These special rates dramatically cut the cost of Pay As You Go international calls.

Lyca Mobile international call countries

Lyca Mobile’s global network lets you connect with the world, in every continent.

Cheap calls to Africa

Cheap calls to America

Cheap calls to Asia

Cheap calls to Europe

Cheap calls to Oceania

Cheap calls to South AmericaFrom Jordan to Japan, Austria to Australia, or the US to UAE, Lyca Mobile offers cheap international calls that can’t be beaten on value. All of our monthly plans come with EU roaming, so you can use your phone in Europe for the perfect balance of convenience and cost for cheap calls abroad or travelling.

We also have custom plans for specific countries, including Pakistan, Nigeria and China. You get a set number of international minutes to call home, friends or work in your chosen country, with cheap phone calls to both landline and mobile numbers at no extra cost.

International calling plans

One of the best ways to enjoy cheap international calls with Lyca Mobile is with our mobile plans. These value-for-money plans offer 30 days of low-cost calls for a wide range of international destinations. You can order a SIM pre-loaded with your choice of plan, and just insert it into your phone to start enjoying your international minutes.

Don’t want to worry about running out of minutes? Try one of our Unlimited plans like All In One 20. Get unlimited UK minutes and unlimited calls abroad to nearly 30 destinations. Plus, 10GB of data, unlimited UK texts and EU roaming, all for just £20 a month.

Prefer to top up? No problem, you can top up online or from your Lyca Mobile SIM by dialling 321. Choose amounts from £5 to £100 so you always have credit.

Lyca Mobile SIMs are super flexible. You can top up £10 this month and then choose a different plan the following month, with no obligation to lock into a long-term contract. Not sure what option you want? Just order a FREE Lyca Mobile SIM card today and add your call plan or top up whenever you like.

Ready to go with your new Lyca Mobile SIM card? Here’s how to make cheap international calls with your new SIM:

  • 1. Dial 00 followed by your country code for the destination you’re calling eg India is +91.
  • 2. Dial the area code, removing the first 0 (except Italy, then you can keep the first 0).
  • 3. Dial your number and press call.
  • 4. Your international minutes only start when the call is connected.

Make sure you’re fully disconnected when you end the call, so you don’t continue to use your international minutes or credit.

If you run out of credit or minutes half-way through your call, you’ll be disconnected. Unlimited plans stop this happening. Or you can opt for automatic top-up, so you don’t have to manually add more credit to your account. You can choose when you want to top up and how much you want to add eg when your balance is under £5, so you’ll never run out of credit again.

Can I use my phone abroad?

Our international minutes make it easy and affordable for you to make cheap calls abroad and international calling from the UK only, though you won’t be charged extra in Europe if your plan has EU roaming.

Not all of our plans include EU roaming, so please check before you go to Europe. If you’re on Pay As You Go you can also use roaming if your account is in credit, and you’ll be charged at standard national rates. Receiving calls and texts is free.

Lyca Mobile keeps the cost of international calls down and customer satisfaction high. Start calling the world for less and connect to your international friends and family at unbeatable rates with Lyca Mobile.