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If you love the good looks and ease of use which Apple products promise, you’re sure to be on the edge of your seat, awaiting news of Apple’s new iPhone 7. Here at Lycamobile, we can’t wait either – we love nothing more than a new release from California’s favourite hardware company.

There’s nothing set in stone yet, but we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular stories floating around the internet, and we’ve collected some of the rumours which excite us the most.

September 2016 is looking like the most likely release date for the iPhone 7. We’ve put our money on this because Apple’s big releases have always historically been around this time. Also, iOS 10 is pencilled in for release “this autumn”, and it would make sense to launch them together.

Have you seen the advert on TV where the young man drops his Android phone in a sink full of water, and it still works? Apple are supposed to be bringing us a water-resistant iPhone. Maybe not fully waterproof, but if it saves you having to put your dead phone in a bucket of rice and hoping for a miracle, we’re in favour of it.

If you like the new colours which appeared with the iPhone 6, Apple is rumoured to be introducing a new raft of choices there. “Space Black” is rumoured, with a matching colour for the new Apple Watch.

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