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Coverage and Services

Your Lyca Mobile Coverage Map*

Discover the strength of Lyca Mobile's network coverage, where it matters most to you, with our handy regional coverage map. By navigating around and zooming into our map of the UK, you can now accurately judge the quality of signal and data reception and its strength across the British Isles. We’re confident; now you can be too.

Using Your Coverage Map

To get reliable local information regarding signal strength in your area, simply enter your postcode or town name into the field below and click enter. Alternatively, you can manually navigate the map by clicking, dragging and zooming around the interface (if you’re using a mobile or tablet device, you can use the pinch—to—zoom function to zoom in and out)

We now give you 5G

All of our plans now come with 5G, so you can get the very fastest internet available.

What is 5G?

5G is an update on the previous 4G mobile internet. It offers faster loading and downloading speeds than 4G, streaming with almost no buffering, and a near-instant connection without lag.

How do I use 5G?

To take advantage of 5G, your handset will need to be 5G enabled. You must also be in an area with 5G coverage. We offer 5G in over 150 towns and cities across the UK.

Please note, we do not offer 5G for IOS devices for the time being – though we are working to offer this.

Will I be charged extra?

There is absolutely no extra charge for using 5G. It’s an improvement to our services that you can get for free.

Mobile telephony is a form of wireless communication and operates on the basis of the transmission of radio and signal frequencies. The transmission of these radio and signal frequencies may be affected by congestion on the Network due to the number of calls or messages or the amount of data being sent and received. The transmission of the radio and signal frequencies may also be affected by the location of the base stations, obstacles such as buildings or underpasses, and by external factors such as geographic or atmospheric conditions. The Services may also be affected by the quality of the GSM mobile telephone chosen and used by you. Data reception and speeds may also not be as good indoors or in a car. As such this map is just a guide and does not guarantee signal coverage.

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