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Introducing our latest unbeatable offers on SIM cards and national Plans. Browse through our highest rated offers, including discounts, special rates on international calls, cheap national rates, data plans and more! That’s not all, Lycamobile’s SIM only deals also provide a number of unique benefits – making them the best value SIM plans around. If your mobile bill has been an issue lately, this is the best time to switch to Lycamobile.

What’s the best part of switching to Lycamobile? Apart from getting your money’s worth, these deals offer you greater flexibility as there is no contract or commitment involved. Plus, the multilingual Customer Services team ensure that your queries are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, follow a few easy steps and start calling the world for less! All you need to do is get a Lycamobile SIM, insert it in your unlocked phone and top-up to get started.

Below are a few SIM only deals that offer a limited time 50% discount when purchasing a SIM + Plan. Let’s find out what makes these deals great!

UK Plan Super: This plan comes with unlimited national calls & texts and 6GB of high-speed 4G data, which includes 2GB data for roaming within EU Countries at absolutely no extra cost! That’s not all, on choosing this plan you also get 100 international minutes to 28 selected countries too. All this for just £7.50 when you purchase this plan with your Pay As You Go SIM. Hurry! Select this Super plan and enjoy a super month.

UK Plan Mega: Here is a plan that gives you your money’s worth and more! Available at the minimal cost of £10 when you buy with a new Pay As You Go SIM, the UK Plan Mega gives you unlimited national calls & texts and 100 international minutes to 28 selected countries. The plan also includes 11GB of high-speed 4G data for extensive data usage, which includes 3GB data free for roaming within EU Countries.

UK Plan Ultra: This plan suits all those who spend hours browsing the internet or love live streaming, as it comes with 15GB of ultra-fast 4G data, with 3.25GB available to use when roaming in EU Countries. You also get unlimited national calls & texts and 100 international minutes to call your loved ones abroad in 28 selected countries. All this for just £12.50!

Family Plan: The Lycamobile Family Saver Plan is the perfect way for you to save money when paying for more than one phone plan. You can add up to three plans for your Family, allowing you to save up to £30 per month on your family’s phone bill. The more family members you add, the more you save. Click here to know more about the family plan.

If you are looking for more cheap call rates or need cost-effective data only Plans, pick one of Lycamobile’s plans at discounted prices today! Don’t miss the unlimited benefits of Lycamobile’s SIM only deals! Buy your SIM today.