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8.1 Lycamobile reserves the right to change these terms and conditions for legal or regulatory reasons. We may also need to change these terms and conditions as a result of changes by our Network suppliers or for other technical or commercial reasons, such as changes to our Products and Services. We may also change our Charges or introduce new Charges. Changes to Charges will be reflected in our tariff table from time to time.

8.2 If a change will be materially detrimental to you, Lycamobile will give you at least one month’s notice. If you do not accept a change which is notified to you as materially detrimental then you can cancel this Agreement or cease using the Services or topping-up your Account. If you use the Services or top-up your Account after Lycamobile makes a change, then you are deemed to accept the change.

8.3 Please check our website regularly for any changes. We may also notify you of changes by way of advertisement in the national media, by email, by post, or by text message or by other reasonable means. We may also place a recorded message on the phone number for our Customer Services Department.