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2.1 Lycamobile will provide the Services to you using its own Network and the Networks of one or more telecommunications operators. Occasionally any of these Networks may be unavailable for maintenance, modifications, upgrades, emergencies or to protect the security of the Network. At these times the Services may be temporarily unavailable.

2.2 Mobile telephony is a form of wireless communication and operates on the basis of the transmission of radio and signal frequencies. The transmission of these radio and signal frequencies may be affected by congestion on the Network due to the number of calls or messages or the amount of data being sent and received.

2.3 The transmission of the radio and signal frequencies may also be affected by the location of the base stations, obstacles such as buildings or underpasses, and by external factors such as geographic or atmospheric conditions. The Services may also be affected by the quality of the GSM mobile telephone chosen and used by you.

2.4 The Roaming Services are subject to the roaming contracts and service quality levels that have been agreed between other national and international telecommunications operators. Lycamobile does not have any control over the contracts or service quality levels agreed between these telecommunications operators.

2.5 For the reasons described above, Lycamobile does not warrant or guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted or error free (in terms of Network availability, quality or coverage) in all locations at all times, or that the Services will be suitable for your specific requirements, or that the Services will be completely secure against unauthorised interception.

2.6 Lycamobile will endeavour to keep any disruption to the Services to a minimum; however Lycamobile will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or inconvenience incurred by you as a result of any disruption to the Services for the reasons described above.

2.7 Associated with your SIM Card is the PIN code (personal identification number) and the PUK code (personal unlocking key). The PIN and PUK codes must never be kept together. You will take every necessary precaution to preserve the secrecy of your PIN and PUK codes. You will be liable for any fraudulent or improper use of your SIM Card or Account that results from the intentional or accidental disclosure of your PIN or PUK code or the transfer of your SIM Card to another person.

2.8 Our Customer Services Department can supply details of the other mobile operators we have porting arrangements with from time-to-time.