100GB Monthly Data Plans: Is It the Right Choice for You?

4 October, 2023 by Binod Anand Kumar
100GB Monthly Data Plans: Is It the Right Choice for You?
100GB Monthly Data Plans

Staying connected and online is a necessity today. With an ever-increasing demand for data, choosing the right data plan has become more critical than ever. So, how much is 100GB of data per month, and is it enough for your needs? 

In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the world of 100GB monthly data plans, explore whether it's the ideal choice for you, and provide you with insights on optimizing your data usage. Get ready to discover the perfect balance between data capacity and your digital lifestyle. 

By the end of this blog, you'll have a clear picture of whether 100GB is the ideal fit for your digital world.


Choosing the right data plan is crucial in today's connected world. This blog explores the value of a 100GB monthly data plan and its suitability for various digital lifestyles. It covers:

• How much is 100GB of data per month?

• Why 100GB plans are the way to go

• Is 100GB of data enough for you?

• Comparison with other plans

• Cost-effective data management

How Many Hours Will 100GB of Data Last for?

To answer this, let us see the breakdown of data consumption for common smartphone activities. Whether you're streaming music, watching videos, browsing the internet, or engaging in video calls, knowing how much data each activity consumes can help you manage your data usage effectively. 

ActivityData Consumption (GB)/MonthExample AppsHours/Usage
Streaming High- Quality Content40 GBNetflix/YouTube/LMSApprox. 10-25 hours
Music Streaming (160kbps)10 GBSpotifyApprox. 100 hours
Social Media5 GBFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.Approx. 50 hours
Web Browsing5 GBGoogle Chrome, Safari, etc.Extensive Usage
Video Calls/FaceTime10 GBSkype, FaceTimeVaries based on usage
Online Gaming10 GBPUBG Mobile, Fortnite, etc.Moderate Gaming
App Downloads/Updates10 GBGoogle Play Store, App Store, etc.Varies based on apps
GPS Navigation5 GBGoogle Maps, Waze, etc.Varies based on usage
Total100 GB  

To make it more accommodating for new customers Lyca mobile’s UK Plan Mega Plus gives you 100GB+20GB Free Data at just £20.00/30 Days. The plan also includes Unlimited UK calls and SMS, 100 International minutes, EU Voice and data roaming, eSIM availability, and 5G at no extra cost. 

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Why 100GB Plans Are the Way to Go?

100GB of monthly data is a substantial amount, and it can serve a multitude of purposes. Let's explore some real-world scenarios where this generous data allocation truly shines:

Streaming Quality and Quantity

• Netflix Binge-Watching: With 100GB per month, you can stream approximately 40 hours of high-definition content on Netflix. That's equivalent to watching an entire season of your favourite TV series every week, without worrying about buffering or quality degradation.

• YouTube Streaming/Live Classes: You can enjoy over 300 hours of non-stop high-quality YouTube content or stream enough live classes with 100GB.

Working from Anywhere

• Video Conferencing: With 100GB, you can participate in 150 hours of video conferences per month. That is five hours of video meetings every workday, ensuring you're always present and engaged.

• Cloud Access: Accessing cloud-based documents, collaborating on projects, and syncing files seamlessly is a breeze with 100GB. It's your digital office, always at your fingertips.

Staying Connected on the Go

• Travel Essentials: Frequent travellers, rejoice! With 100GB, you can stay connected during your adventures, sharing travel updates, photos, and videos without hesitation. Additionally, you enjoy Free EU roaming will all Lyca mobile plans.

• Navigation: Utilize maps, GPS, and location-based apps extensively without worrying about data limitations.

Cost-Effective Data Management

Let us dive deeper into the cost-effectiveness of the 100GB data plan by comparing it to smaller and larger plans:

AspectData Plans < 100GB100GB Data PlanUnlimited Data Plan
Cost PredictabilityUnpredictable costs due to limitations of the planFixed monthly cost with enough dataFixed monthly cost with no data limitations, but potentially higher base price
Service InterruptionsInterruptions when exceeding data limitsUninterrupted usage throughout the monthUninterrupted usage throughout the month
Data for ActivitiesLimited data for various activitiesSubstantial data for browsing, streaming, gaming, and moreAbundant data for all activities
Peace of MindFrequent worry about exceeding data limitsPeace of mind with ample dataPeace of mind with unlimited data, but potentially higher cost
Cost-EfficiencyMay lead to unexpectedly high monthly billsCost-effective with a good balance of data and costMay cost more upfront but offers unlimited data
FlexibilityRestricts usage to avoid extra chargesProvides flexibility for diverse digital activitiesOffers complete freedom with no data constraints


Data Less then 100GB vs 100GB - With smaller data plans, you run the risk of exceeding your limit, resulting in costly add-on data plans. In contrast, 100GB ensures you never have to pay extra for additional data. 

100GB vs Unlimited Data - While unlimited data plans exist, they can be significantly more expensive and often come with throttling after a certain usage threshold, making it ideal for heavy data users who prioritize unlimited access.

Is 100GB of Data Enough for You?

100GB of data per month caters to a broad spectrum of users, making it an attractive choice for various lifestyles:

• Families: Share data among family members and ensure everyone stays connected without running out of data.

• Professionals: Ideal for remote work, video conferences, and accessing cloud-based resources.

• Students: Perfect for online classes, research, and entertainment during study breaks. Get a student offer plan

• Globetrotters: Stay connected while traveling, stream travel videos, and share your adventures on social media.

Comparison with other plans

To truly appreciate the value of 100GB per month, let's compare it to other common monthly data plans, such as 10GB, 30GB, and unlimited data.

Monthly Data PlanStreaming (HD Hours)Web Browsing (Hours)App Downloads (Number)

While unlimited data may sound tempting, it often comes at a higher cost. 100GB offers a perfect balance, providing ample data without breaking the bank.

Get Lyca Mobile’s 100GB+20GB Monthly Plan

100GB per month plan strikes a balance between data capacity and affordability, suitable for a wide range of users. It empowers you to stay connected, work efficiently, and enjoy a digital lifestyle without limitations. Whether you are a professional, a student, a family, or an adventurer, 100GB data per month is your gateway to a connected world. Get 100GB of monthly data with an additional 20GB of Free Data valid for new customers with ours UK Plan Mega Plus. Claim your offer now!

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