Best International SIM only deals

13 April, 2018 by Lyca Mobile
Best International SIM only deals
Best International SIM only deals

Travelling is always fun, especially if it’s to a different country. However, while we always look around to ensure we get the best deals on flights and accommodation, we usually end up paying a fortune for our mobile phone bill when we return. That means next time we travel, we’re either paying expensive rates for a few minutes of talking on the phone or restricting ourselves to not making calls at all. 

At Lyca Mobile, we understand this problem, and that’s why we offer international SIM only deals that come without any contract or commitment and give you the maximum value for money. From low-cost international call rates to ultra-fast data connectivity, Lyca Mobile’s international SIM only deals provide you with a huge range of features that help you call the world for less. 

While we have a lot of plans that you can choose from, here are some of our best international SIM only deals. 

1. All In One 10 (bestseller) 

With our All In One 10 international plan, you get 500 national minutes and 500 international minutes, so you can have great conversations with your family and friends both within the country or abroad. But that’s not all! You also get 1GB ultra-fast 4G data, so you can browse the internet and get your daily dose of social media. The best part is. you can enjoy this plan for just £10! 

2.Lyca Globe 

True to its name, the Lyca Globe plan is a truly international plan for customers who have most of their friends and family residing around the world. For just £10, you can enjoy 3000 international minutes to Australia, United States, India, Singapore and over 35 more countries! Plus, you also get unlimited calls & texts to local Lyca numbers, so you could text and talk all day long! 

3.Great Eastern 

If you have friends and family in Eastern Europe, the Great Eastern plan is all that you need. Pay just £10 and get 1000 minutes to call Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and more! What’s more, you also get 1GB data + 1GB bonus data for sharing pictures, checking emails, and browsing! 

4.All In One 20 

Our All In One 20 plan comes with 500 national minutes and 500 international minutes. In addition, you also get a staggering 5GB of ultra-fast 4G data for all your data needs! So now you can stream HD movies online, watch YouTube videos, make an HD video call, play graphic-intense online games and much more! You can buy the All In One 20 plan for just £20! At Lyca Mobile, we offer both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go SIM plans with unbeatable combinations of minutes, texts and data, with some coming with EU Roaming at no extra cost The above list only highlights some of our best international SIM only deals. You can discover the rest by visiting our international plans page, or simply check out our affordable international and roaming rates. 


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That’s not all! You can now have control of your account anytime, anywhere with our brand-new Lyca Mobile app, available to download on Android or iOS. So, while you get to work on your travel bucket list, don’t forget to check out Lycamobile’s international SIM only deals and stay connected with your friends & family for less!