Best travel photo tips for smartphones, this holiday season

14 November, 2019 by Lyca Mobile
Best travel photo tips for smartphones, this holiday season
Best travel photo tips for smartphones, this holiday season

Best travel photo tips for smartphones, this holiday season 

With a good enough smartphone, anyone can take a great picture. And what with the holiday season underway, we know you can use some handy tips that could turn an okay-ish photo into the perfect shot.    
After all, travel pictures are not just pics. They are special memories in the making. Here then, are the best travel photography tips. 

Try to find light source other than the camera flash 

A phone camera’s flash can be functional - illuminating things that otherwise would be sunk in the dark. But rarely does it help produce compelling or fun images.    
Whenever possible, try to find a source of light in the setting of your photograph - the fading evening light, a lightbulb that could be turned on in a room or even candle lights could give fancier results than the camera flash.    
Using an ambient source of light is among the simple travel photography tips, but a highly efficient one all the same. 

Choose cloud storage services that support high resolution images 

There are plenty of services that save your photos on the cloud- like iCloud and Google Photos. This means you could keep snapping pictures without worrying about straining your phone’s memory capacity.    
The thing to note here is that some of these services only store a lower resolution version of the picture that you have uploaded.    
Perhaps, migrating from free to paid service could solve this problem, or there could even be free services that store higher resolution pictures.    
Either way, you should ensure that the service you use does store your images at the same resolution as the original, to preserve its visual quality.    
Otherwise, even your best travel photo ideas would look underwhelming in the end. 

Get the camera exposure right 

The quality of an image could be dramatically increased if you get the exposure right. By pitting the person or object you want to photograph against a bright backdrop, you stand the risk of under-exposing the picture.    
In such cases, make sure to tap on the main object or person on the cam screen before taking the picture.    
This way, even mediocre travel photography ideas could become brilliant vacation photos. 

Smartphone tripod is almost always better than a steady hand 

Very few things elicit a groan like scrolling through pictures you took only to see one you thought would look nice sullied with a slight blur. You just failed to notice the blur when you took the picture.    
Such things happen as anyone who has gone to a park and spent more time staring at the flowers through the camera screen than for real could tell you.    
Investing in a tripod makes sense for this and other reasons. Aside from the steadiness it offers, a tripod also makes it more conducive to try techniques like long-exposures, light painting and time-lapse.    
Pocket-sized tripods are easily available in the market and are ideal for smartphones. Almost all of these models are device-agnostic, meaning you could mount your phone on it regardless of the phone model.    
Put another way, a tripod doesn’t just help bring your best travel photography ideas to life, it also helps expand your repertoire of travel picture ideas. 

Digital zoom is rarely a good idea 

To capture an element far from your camera clearly, the digital zoom might feel like the obvious solution.    
Well, you are not wrong there. Only, by digitally zooming in, your image gets cropped around the borders and resized. This is quite different from the optical zoom feature available in many standalone cameras.    
The end result of a digital zoom is invariably a grainy image. Not just that, it also amplifies any vibrations from an unsteady hand. Now that you know the tips to hone your picture-taking skills, be sure to share your travel pictures with loved ones.    
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