Celebrate the New Year with Lyca Mobile’s Monthly Subscription Offers!

20 December, 2023 by Sachin Kumar
Celebrate the New Year with Lyca Mobile’s Monthly Subscription Offers!
Celebrate the New Year with Lyca Mobile’s Monthly Subscription Offers!
  • Step into the New Year with Lyca Mobile, promising unparalleled connectivity and unbeatable value.
  • Unwrap the gift of seamless communication with plans designed to elevate your holiday experience, from unlimited data to international minutes.
  • The festive joy extends into January with Lyca's price freeze, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity without worrying about unexpected costs.
  • Explore the incredible value packed into every Pay Monthly Plan, making Lyca Mobile your go-to for connectivity throughout the year.
  • Dive into our blog to explore how you can get the maximum value with Lyca Mobile pay-monthly plans.

Embark on a Seamless Festive Journey with Lyca Mobile!

Join us as we usher in a New Year of seamless communication and unmatched value with Lyca Mobile's Pay Monthly Plans. Beyond deals, they're the key to connecting your December adventures and New Year celebrations. Envision snowy train rides, effortlessly connecting with loved ones through unlimited data, global catchup minutes, and the warmth of unlimited UK Lyca minutes and SMS. Experience the magic of Christmas Day Deals with Lyca Mobile! 

Here are the Christmas holiday plans we have to offer!

Plan NamePriceData AvailableEU Roaming DataMinutes and SMS
1 Month Unlimited£20.00/MonthUnlimited30 GBUnlimited UK minutes and SMS
1 Month 100 GB£15.00/Month100 GB30 GB
1 Month 20 GB£10.00/Month20 GB10 GB
1 Month 5 GB£5.00/Month5 GB2.5 GB

1 Month Unlimited (£20.00/Month):

Dive into the holiday spirit with our £20.00/month 1 Month Unlimited plan. Unleash limitless connectivity with unlimited data, 30 GB EU Roaming Data, and endless UK minutes and SMS. Spread the festive cheer globally with 100 international minutes. Plus, enjoy the gift of frozen prices until 2026.

1 Month 100 GB (£15.00/Month):

Indulge in data delights with our £15.00/month 1 Month 100 GB plan. Perfect for streaming carols and capturing festive moments, it includes 100 GB, 30 GB EU Roaming Data, and unlimited UK minutes and SMS. Connect globally with 100 international minutes, all with frozen prices until 2026.

1 Month 20 GB (£10.00/Month):

Experience the perfect blend of connectivity and cost with our £10.00/month 1 Month 20 GB plan. Enjoy 20 GB of data, 10 GB EU Roaming Data, and unlimited UK minutes and SMS. Stay international with 100 included minutes, and relish frozen prices until 2026.

1 Month 5 GB (£5.00/Month):

Compact and cost-effective, the £5.00/month 1 Month 5 GB plan is for those desiring connectivity without overwhelming data. With 5 GB, 2.5 GB EU Roaming Data, unlimited UK minutes and SMS, and 100 international minutes, it's the budget-friendly choice with frozen prices until 2026. 

Choose the plan that suits your holiday needs, and let Lyca Mobile be your companion for a connected and joyous festive season!

Lyca's Festive Guarantee – Unwrap Joy!

Discover extra magic in Lyca Mobile's festive bag with our Christmas and New Year Deals! In the spirit of joy, our Pay Monthly prices stay chilled until 2026—a special gift for worry-free festivities. Binge-watch, laugh endlessly, conquer games, wander on holiday, and freeze-frame moments—chilled for a carefree, connected holiday season.

A Seamless Journey into 2024 with Lyca Mobile

As the festive lights dim and the echoes of carols fade, Lyca Mobile ensures your journey into the New Year is seamless and filled with unparalleled value. The commitment to frozen prices until 2026 transforms our holiday plans into an enduring gift, promising uninterrupted joy for all your seasonal connections. As the calendar turns, Lyca Mobile's warmth extends into January with a price freeze, offering a gift of peace of mind. Now, you can embrace the New Year without fretting over your phone bill, focusing on setting new goals, making fresh connections, and navigating the exciting journey ahead. 

Lyca Mobile, your New Year companion, is dedicated to making connectivity a breeze for your December travels, New Year celebrations, and the adventures into 2023. Whether you're unwrapping the gift of unlimited data or securing a price freeze for January, we're here to make your New Year connected, joyous, and worry-free.

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