Dashing through data: Lyca Mobile’s Pay Monthly deals!

12 January, 2024 by Sachin Kumar
Dashing through data: Lyca Mobile’s Pay Monthly deals!
Lyca Mobile Pay Monthly deals UK
  • Discover the magic of Lyca Mobile's Pay Monthly Plans.
  • Explore plans ranging from the comprehensive 1 Month Unlimited to the budget-friendly 1 Month 5 GB.
  • Whether you crave a data feast with the 1 Month 100 GB plan or seek a cost-connectivity balance with the 1 Month 20 GB plan, we've got you covered.
  • Enjoy worry-free streaming and connectivity with our plans, featuring frozen prices until 2026.
  • Dive into the full blog to uncover the exceptional value and seamless connectivity Lyca Mobile has wrapped up just for you. Read on for more!  

As you gather around the digital fireplace of connectivity this Christmas, let Lyca Mobile be your guide to a season filled with seamless communication and boundless cheer. Our array of Pay Monthly Plans is designed to keep you connected and elevate your holiday experience. Christmas Holiday deals - from unlimited data to international minutes, each plan is a delightful package, wrapped with a bow of affordability and connectivity. So, let us unwrap the gift of connectivity together and make this season of joy even brighter!   

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Here are the Christmas holiday plans we have to offer!

Lyca Mobile not only offers great value, but also great SIM only deals for every requirement! Let's check them out now.

Plan NamePriceData AvailableU Roaming DataMinutes and SMS
 Month Unlimited£20.00/MonthUnlimited30 GB30 GB    Unlimited UK minutes and SMS
1 Month 100 GB£15.00/Month100 GB30 GB
1 Month 20 GB£10.00/Month20 GB10 GB
1 Month 5 GB£5.00/Month5 GB2.5 GB

1.Unlimited merriment with 1-month unlimited plan at £20.00/month

Picture this: unlimited data, unlimited UK minutes, and SMS, sprinkled with 100 international minutes that can dance across 40 different countries. Bring on the festive cheer with unlimited everything! Stay connected without limits, whether it is a video call with distant relatives or sharing the latest holiday memes. Add a touch of festive magic with unlimited Lyca minutes and SMS within the UK, and a dash of EU Roaming Data to keep you connected even when you are decking the halls abroad. 

In the spirit of the season, Lyca's 1 Month Unlimited plan is a gift that keeps on giving – frozen prices until 2026, promising uninterrupted connectivity for all your holiday plans.

2.Feast on data with 1 month 100 GB plan at £15.00/month

For those who love streaming carol playlists and capturing every festive moment! Enjoy ample data with the 1 Month 100 GB plan. Indulge your festive appetite for data with the 1 Month 100 GB plan. Imagine 100 GB of data to stream carols, share festive photos, and stay connected with friends and family. Unlimited UK minutes and SMS are the perfect side dishes, complemented by 100 international minutes and generous EU Roaming Data for those Christmas holiday getaways. Lyca's promise of frozen prices until 2026 means you can feast on data without worrying about the bill – leaving you more time for holiday festivities!

3.The perfect stocking filler: 1 month 20 GB plan at £10.00/month

Stay connected without compromise! The 1 Month 20 GB plan offers a perfect balance of data and connectivity for your festive needs. Looking for a balance between connectivity and cost? Lyca's 1 Month 20 GB plan is the perfect stocking filler. With 20 GB of data, unlimited UK minutes and SMS, and 100 international minutes to sprinkle that festive magic across borders, this plan is designed for those who want to stay connected without breaking the bank. Frozen prices until 2026 ensure you can enjoy the season without any unexpected surprises on your bill.

4.A festive touch with 1 month 5 GB plan at £5.00/month

Compact and cost-effective! The 1 Month 5 GB plan is perfect for those who want a touch of connectivity without breaking the bank. For those who desire a touch of connectivity without overwhelming data, the 1 Month 5 GB plan is the ideal choice. Priced at a festive-friendly £5.00 per month, it comes with 5 GB of data, unlimited UK minutes and SMS, and 100 international minutes to make your Christmas calls sparkle. 

Even with its compact size, this plan comes with Lyca's commitment to frozen prices until 2026, making it a budget-friendly option for the season of giving. With Lyca Mobile’s SIM only deals, you can stay connected at all times! 

If you are looking for plans with long-term contracts, click here to explore them.

Lyca's frosty price freeze until 2026!

But wait, there is more magic in Lyca Mobile's bag of festive treats in this Christmas Sale! We understand that the holiday season is a time for joy, not worrying about bills. That is why we have made a promise – our new Pay Monthly prices will stay as chilled as a snowman until at least 2026. Consider it our gift to you, ensuring you have more time for the things that truly matter during this special time of the year.

  • Chilled so you can savour every episode in your watchlist.
  • Chilled so you can share laughter with friends on endless video calls.
  • Chilled so you can game on the go without breaking a sweat.
  • Chilled so you can escape on holiday, exploring, feasting, and lounging.
  • Chilled so you can capture and share the moments that truly matter.   

This frosty guarantee means you can focus on the festivities without fretting over unexpected costs. Lyca Mobile is here to make your holiday season cool, connected, and carefree. With these Christmas deals, we believe connecting moments can be made easier, especially during the festive season. Our Pay Monthly Plans offer a range of options to suit your needs, all with unlimited UK minutes and SMS, international minutes, and EU roaming allowances.

Connect with Lyca Mobile with the best Christmas deals!

Choose Lyca Mobile this Christmas and unwrap the gift of connectivity. Our Pay Monthly Plans and SIM only deals are designed to keep you connected, with prices that will not melt away. Activate your plan today and make this festive season one to remember – full of laughter, love, and seamless connectivity. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year to stay connected with Lyca Mobile! 

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