Introducing Lyca Mobile’s eSIM in the UK: All You Need to Know

8 March, 2023 by Sanchita Mondal
Introducing Lyca Mobile’s eSIM in the UK: All You Need to Know
Introducing Lyca Mobile’s eSIM in the UK: All You Need to Know

In today's fast-paced world, the convenience of seamless connectivity is more important than ever. That's why Lyca Mobile, the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) has introduced its eSIM service in the UK, providing a more convenient way to stay connected without the need for a physical SIM card. 

In this blog, we'll cover everything you need to know about Lyca Mobile's eSIM in the UK.

What is an eSIM?

Those unfamiliar with eSIMs might wonder “how does eSIM work?”. Well, an eSIM or electronic SIM serves the same purpose as a traditional plastic SIM card. It’s a digital SIM card embedded directly into the mobile handset.

A range of new handsets are now compatible with eSIM cards, making it easier than ever to switch between mobile networks while keeping your existing number. These digital SIM cards are programmable by software and do not require any physical swapping. All you have to do is install the Lyca Mobile eSIM operator profile on your device. 

Your eSIM card contains all the data necessary for your device to connect to the network and identifies your device virtually. Besides smartphones, eSIM cards are also used widely in tablets, smartwatches, drones, and modern vehicles.

What’s dual SIM with eSIM?

Using a dual SIM phone with eSIM technology is the perfect choice for individuals who need to manage two different lines on one device. This setup is especially advantageous when travelling, as users can easily switch between plans and access multiple networks without having to replace their physical SIM card. Instead, they simply select the network they wish to use through their device’s settings and enjoy all the same benefits of a physical SIM card, such as making calls, sending messages, accessing data services, and more. 

With an eSIM-equipped dual SIM phone, you can make sure you are always connected no matter where life takes you.

How to get a LYCA eSIM on Pay-As-You-Go?

Don’t worry, you can use a Lyca Mobile eSIM on a pay-as-you-go basis just like traditional SIM cards. Lyca Mobile (using EE network) offers both Pay-As-You-Go (prepaid) and Pay Monthly (post-paid) plans for its eSIM connections. As long as your device supports eSIM technology, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Which devices support eSIM?

Thanks to the convenience they offer, eSIM cards are becoming extremely popular. All iPhones starting from iPhone X support eSIM connections. Android devices have been adopting the technology too, and the feature is supported on many of the recently launched Android smartphones. 

If you’re unsure of whether your device (or a device you plan to get) supports eSIM cards, click here to check the list of phones that are compatible with Lyca Mobile eSIM.

Where can you get Lyca eSIM?

Getting a new Lyca Mobile eSIM is easy. You may either purchase it through any retail shop selling Lyca Mobile SIM cards or avoid the hassle and buy it online at

What is the eSIM QR code?

Your eSIM QR code enables you to quickly connect to your Lyca Mobile network safely and securely. A QR code is a more sophisticated version of bar codes and can be scanned directly using the QR code scanner built into your device. Just like phone numbers, every eSIM has a unique QR code. 

When configuring your handset for a new eSIM connection, all you need to do is scan the QR code with your phone’s camera. The data from the QR code will be relayed back to Lyca Mobile, allowing them to add the eSIM profile to your device.

Do LYCA eSIMs support 5G?

Yes, as long as your mobile phone is compatible with eSIM cards and 5G, you may enjoy a 5G internet connection on your Lyca mobile eSIM.

How to activate your eSIM?

Depending on your phone model (iPhone, Samsung Smartphone, Google Smartphone, or Huawei), the steps may vary slightly. Generally speaking, you will need to open your camera app and scan the QR code provided in the confirmation email from Lyca Mobile to activate your eSIM. Alternatively, if this does not work for you: 

• For iPhone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection and go to settings > mobile data > add eSIM (click it will open QR Code scanner) and follow prompts to scan the QR code. 

• For Samsung smartphone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings > connections > SIM card manager > add mobile plan and follow prompts to scan the QR code. 

• For Google smartphone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings > network & internet > select plus sign (+) next to Mobile Network > download a SIM instead and follow prompts to scan the QR code. 

• For Huawei users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings and look for Mobile Network > SIM Management > Add eSIM (select type - eSIM) and follow prompts to scan the QR code. Follow these steps and you can easily activate your eSIM with Lyca Mobile. Enjoy!

In Sum

Lyca Mobile has consistently proved itself as a network service provider that cares about its customers' needs and can keep up with the latest trends. Offering mobile network services across 23 countries, the company caters to a vast customer base and the launch of eSIM services will benefit a large number of users. Its eSIM service in the UK provides a more convenient and hassle-free way to stay connected. With support for multiple data networks and 5G, you can stay connected at all times. So, purchase your Lyca eSIM today and enjoy seamless connectivity. 

[Disclaimer: Please note that O2 Network has now been replaced with EE Network as our new UK coverage partner. 
Update Date: 02.07.23]