Lyca Mobile’s Fang-tastic Halloween Offers: Double Data Delight and Spooky Savings Await!

3 November, 2023 by Sachin Kumar
Lyca Mobile’s Fang-tastic Halloween Offers: Double Data Delight and Spooky Savings Await!
Lyca Mobile’s Fang-tastic Halloween Offers: Double Data Delight and Spooky Savings Await!
• Lyca Mobile is offering double data on all SIM only deals this Halloween.
• Learn more about the UK Plan Mega Plus and National Plus, its price, validity, and benefits.
• Learn how to utilize the excellent value plans 
Read on and enjoy spooktacular savings this Halloween!
As the moon waxes and the nights grow longer, Halloween lurks just around the corner. But fear not, for Lyca Mobile has brewed up a cauldron of spine-tingling treats to banish those ghastly mobile bill worries. Prepare for a hair-raising ride through the spectral offers that will leave you shrieking with delight. It is time to exorcise those high bills and welcome in the ghostly-savings season! 
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Unmasking the Plans - Connectivity and excellent value all around!

Here is a comparison of the two plans:

Plan NameUK Plan Mega PlusNational Plus
OffersDouble data offer -100GB + 100GB FreeDouble data offer -20GB + 20GB Free
Data200GB* / 30 days40GB* / 30 days
Price£20.00 / 30 days£10.00 / 30 days
Benefits• Unlimited UK calls and texts
• 100 International minutes free
• EU Roaming (Data Cap up to 12GB)
• eSIM available
• 5G at no extra cost
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1. UK Plan Mega Plus

Sink your teeth into a ghastly generous 200GB of data – a tantalizing concoction of 100GB bonus data layered on top of the 100GB base data. At a mere £20.00 per month, this plan comes with no tricks, just pure, unadulterated treats!

But wait, there is more! This spellbinding potion offers unlimited calls and texts within the UK, ensuring you are never in the dark when it comes to staying connected. For those with international spirits, relish 100 free international minutes to reach out to your dearly departed friends abroad. And when you are wandering through the eerie landscapes of the EU, fear not, for there is a data cap of 12GB to keep you grounded. 

And if you are one to embrace the future, rejoice! This plan comes with eSIM capabilities and the blazing speed of 5G at no extra cost! It is like having a magical amulet for your mobile needs. But beware, dear reader, this double data offer is a limited-time incantation, valid only until 30.11.2023. So, grab your broomsticks and zoom over to Lyca Mobile before the clock strikes midnight! 

2. National Plus

For those seeking a more modest potion, the National Plus plan offers a devilishly delightful 40GB of data – a spine-chilling 20GB bonus data atop the 20GB base. At a mere £10.00 per month, this plan is devoid of ghoulish surprises, just straightforward savings! 

This plan, like a bat out of hell, includes unlimited UK calls and texts, ensuring you can summon your spectral companions at any time. For those daring souls with far-off connections, revel in 100 free international minutes for those spooky long-distance calls. And when you roam through the shadowy realms of the EU, rest easy knowing there is a data cap of 12GB to keep your spectral surfing in check.

 But that is not all! This plan also boasts eSIM availability and the lightning speed of 5G, all at no additional cost. It is a monster mash of benefits that will have you cackling with delight. But heed the warning – this double data offer is a limited-time enchantment. Do not be caught napping, as it vanishes after a short while!

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How to Make the Most of Your Spooky Savings?

Streaming Scream Fest: With a cauldron brimming with extra data, unleash a scream fest of your favorite horror movies. Transform your living room into a chilling cinema where every shadow holds a new fright! 

Ghostly Video Calls: Summon your spectral circle from across the globe using the 100 free international minutes. It is like conducting a séance, but without the ectoplasmic mess! 

Ghastly gaming: Dive headfirst into online multiplayer games, leaving your opponents quaking in their boots. Lag? Not on our watch! With these plans, your gaming experience will be as smooth as a witch's broomstick in flight.


This Halloween, let Lyca Mobile be your trusted ghost-busting companion. Do not let the specter of high bills haunt your dreams. Embrace the spooktacular savings offered by Lyca Mobile's bewitching plans. Whether you are a data-hungry vampire or a chatty poltergeist, there is a plan crafted just for you. So, don your witch's hat, grab your broomsticks, and soar over to Lyca Mobile. Sink your teeth into these fang-tastic offers before they vanish into the midnight mist. It is a smashing deal you will not want to miss! 

*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid till 30.11.2023. Prices may be subject to change. Please visit the Lyca Mobile website for the most up-to-date information.