What do Lyca Mobile and Singapore Airlines have in common?

13 April, 2018 by Lyca Mobile
What do Lycamobile and Singapore Airlines have in common?
What do Lyca Mobile and Singapore Airlines have in common?

If you were asked what Lyca Mobile and Singapore Airlines had in common, you’d be right in saying “very little”. One is an international telecoms company based in the UK and the other is an international airline based in, you guessed it, Singapore. One provides low-cost, high-quality national and international calls, texts and data, and the other provides travel services. 

But, thanks to a recent survey by London-based experiential agency Rufus Leonard, the two industry giants can now be mentioned in the same field: brand experience. 

The study, based on a survey of UK participants, took thirty brands, ten from each of three sectors – telecoms, travel and retail – and measured five facets of consumer experience when interacting with them: sense, feel, think, do and connect. Lyca Mobile ranked No.1 in the telecoms sector, finishing ahead of brands such as BT, O2 and Vodafone, and No.2 in the overall standings, just behind Singapore Airlines by two points, but beating established brands including John Lewis, Emirates and IKEA. 

The study found a strong link between brand experience and brand loyalty, with experience also impacting a customer’s future purchase preferences and likelihood to recommend. This means that you, our customers, would recommend us to a friend of family member and would happily purchase Lycamobile products in the future. If that is the case, we can help. 

Our refer-a-friend programme doesn’t just benefit the person you refer, but you as well. For every successful referral you will get £5 FREE credit. In addition, we are constantly updating our Plans to make sure we are offering the best range of minutes, texts and data at the lowest price. Remember, Remember, there are no credit checks and no contracts, so you can choose a plan and still be free to change it whenever suits you. 

To know that so many of you are having such positive experiences is incredibly encouraging, and we will continue to improve our service so that next year instead of second overall, we finish first. If you’re not already a Lycamobile user, order your FREE SIM today and find out why so many people already have. On the other hand, if you are an existing customer, then use your Lycamobile top up available on your prepaid SIM card to keep enjoying our services!

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