Movie streaming services you may not know about, but will be well worth your time!

13 November, 2019 by Lyca Mobile
Movie streaming services you may not know about, but will be well worth your time!
Movie streaming services you may not know about, but will be well worth your time!

The movie streaming services you don’t know that are worth your time… 

We live in a world full of choice. Perhaps, this is most evident in the entertainment arena, where there are numerous films, shows and streaming services vying for your attention. 
But of the latter, which ones are truly worth your time? 
Here, we narrow down the streaming services you might not know, loaded with great content. 

PopcornFlix- for genre films 

If you don’t mind watching ads, this is a good budget service. 
The selection is heavily genre-oriented, featuring films from comedy, action, thriller, horror and other categories. The service also boasts Spanish and Asian sections. 

Epix- for blockbusters 

Epix hosts a cool set of movies, especially from the film studios, MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount. Titles include blockbusters like ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘Iron Man 2.’ 
They also have original content. 
The catch is that you need an Epix cable account to sign in to the service. 

Tubitv- for free old and new films 

Tubitv covers a lot of ground, hosting everything from B-grade horror flicks from the 60s to contemporary blockbusters. In other words, you are rarely lost for choice in this service. As icing on the cake, it’s entirely free. 

MUBI- for world cinema 

This one’s for the highly quality-conscious among you. 
MUBI adds one new movie every day, and every day they take one away. This means at any given time, there would be 30 films from around the world in the service for you to watch. 
Each film is chosen for their artistic merit and not necessarily their blockbuster credentials. 
Mubi offers monthly and a (discounted) yearly subscription. 

Big Five Glories- for classics 

A public domain site, Big Five Glories lets you watch classic American movies for free. 
Featuring films from the silent era onwards, you’d find gems from filmmakers like Charlie Chaplin and D.W.Griffith in their minimalistic yet well designed website. 

Qello- for music docs 

Featuring only music documentaries and concerts from jazz to classic rock to punk and disco, Qello is a dream-come-true for music nerds. You’ll find docs and performances of some of the biggest names in music like Imagine Dragons, Amy Winehouse and Bob Dylan. 
Qello offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. 

Shudder- for horror films 

The horror genre has an ethos all its own- exploring the darkest corners of the human mind while keeping us on the edge of our seats. No platform collects horror films that do this better than Shudder. 
Curated by Colin Geddes- responsible for movie selection in the acclaimed Midnight Madness segment of the Toronto International Film Festival, Shudder boasts horror films of all kinds- from obscure gems to gory nightmares and cult classics. 
Shudder offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. 
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Please note that some of the services mentioned here vary in availability from region to region.